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Achieve Healthy Teeth with an Electric Toothbrush

Achieve Healthy Teeth with an Electric Toothbrush

Growing up we all start brushing our teeth really young, most moms start cleaning their baby's teeth using a soft fabric or a soft bristle baby toothbrush. By the time, we're kids we\'ve moved onto age-appropriate toothbrushes followed by our toothbrush of choice as adults.

We may be particular about the angle or even bristle quality of our toothbrushes, but some of us have discovered how convenient and electric toothbrushes are.

What is an Electric Toothbrush?

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The Electro Massage Tooth Brush Company in the US created the first electric toothbrush in 1927. But the first popular mass market produced electric toothbrush was the Broxodent in the 1960s which was made by the Squibb company.

An electric toothbrush is a motor-run toothbrush with a brush head that rotates and oscillates in rapid clockwise and counterclockwise movements. It is powered by a rechargeable battery which is charged on its inductive based whenever the toothbrush is not used.

Advantages of Electric Toothbrushes

Many people around the world use a conventional toothbrush as their main tool to clean their teeth and maintain sound oral health. So why use an electric one?

Main Advantages of using electric toothbrushes

  1. Better plaque removal

While there has been a lot of research that has been done to support claims, some studies, published on major scientific and dental journals, have actually shown that the use of modern toothbrushes like electric toothbrushes does actually remove plaque even better than its traditional counterparts.

  1. Decreased toothbrush abrasion

Since the electric toothbrush does all of the dirty work, the use of these modern teeth cleaning tools lessens your brushing time and effort, which may be more than the usual ones. Brushing your teeth too much can lead to toothbrush abrasion.

  1. Better fluoride distribution

Known to be nature's cavity fighter, Fluoride is actually a mineral that occurs naturally that helps in preventing cavities in both children and adults. It protects your teeth by strengthening your teeth's exterior surface, making it more resistant to acids, chemicals, and plaque that can cause your teeth to eventually decay.

  1. Has built-in features

Some conventional toothbrushes, especially high-end and premium ones, comes with a number of useful features such as ultra-thin bristles, built-in cheek and tongue cleaners, and activated charcoal. However, with electric toothbrushes, you get all of those nifty features, plus a lot more like sensitive pressure sensors and brushing timers. Some models of electric toothbrushes even come with built-in ultraviolet sterilizers to keep it clean and free from bacteria.

Brushing your teeth is one important thing that you should do to maintain good hygiene. That is why you really need to brush your teeth every after meal or at least twice a day. While the task can be already carried out by an ordinary toothbrush, you might opt to use an electric one to make it easier.

Some statistics

There are actually more benefits than what you have expected. In fact, the latest studies show that using an electric toothbrush over a traditional one can help you get rid of plaque by up to 11% after 1-3 months, and by 21% after using it for three months.

Using an electric toothbrush also reduces your risk of getting your gums inflamed. Electric toothbrushes reduced gum inflammation to up to 6% for 1-3 months, and up to 11% after three months, based on a study conducted to patients with inflamed gums.

Consider an electric toothbrush an investment on your oral hygiene. They cost more than a regular toothbrush, and may cost as much as a specialized procedure at the dentist. However, it does keep your teeth healthy and reduce the number of dental visits in the long term.

How Electric Toothbrushes Can Improve your Oral Hygiene

Electric toothbrushes are a very helpful tool for you to maintain sound dental health and most dentists recommend that you try one. Here are just some of the improvements you'd notice from using an electric toothbrush at home:

Clean more teeth in a shorter period of times

Electric toothbrushes might be a great help to you when you are always on the go. They can clean a larger area of your teeth and gums faster than using your good old manual toothbrush. Using a manual toothbrush will yield around 300 strokes a minute, while an electric one can yield around 1,000 to even 10,000 strokes a minute.

Reduce your risk of contracting serious conditions

Just like what the study above shows, using electric toothbrushes will help you reduce bacteria on your teeth and gums, which can cause serious dental conditions such as gum and periodontal disease. Reducing your risk of having periodontal disease also lowers your risk of contracting even more serious health conditions like heart disease and stroke.

Reduce your visit to your dentist

By using an electric toothbrush, you get to lower down plaque and risk of having gum inflammation. And because you get to clean your mouth more efficiently, you also get to decrease your risk of getting cavities.

Maintaining excellent oral health will also help you save money on dental and medical bills. When your teeth get decayed, you need to have it filled, and it can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the damage.

Easier toothbrushing method

Using an electric toothbrush also helps people brush their teeth more thoroughly and more effectively. The small head of the electric toothbrush can help kids reach even the innermost parts of their mouth. People with braces can also clean in and around the metal brackets and wires of their braces. Doctors may also recommend ineffective brushers to use an electric toothbrush to help them remove plaque off their teeth.

Electric toothbrushes can indeed help you in maintaining sound oral health. Make sure to combine using an electric toothbrush with regular flossing, using mouthwashes and regular visits to your dentists for you to maintain good oral health.

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