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Smiling Sapiens Dental Plan

Making Dentistry More Affordable with Smiling Sapiens Dental Plan

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At Happy Sapiens Dental, we offer a dental savings plan for both new and existing patients who don't have dental insurance. We have partnered to bring you this plan that allows for a customized membership program to give you 100% coverage for preventive care, namely cleanings, X-rays, and exams. Smiling Sapiens Dental Plan members also receive benefits for restorative care such as fillings, crowns, and implants. There is even coverage for cosmetic dentistry!

We realize that paying out of pocket can become quite expensive, so with this alliance, our patients can receive dental benefits that they need and want. You can keep your smile healthy and radiant without breaking your budget.

Call our Pinehurst dentists or Woodlands dentist today to schedule a complimentary consultation at Pinehurst: (281) 356-3351 or The Woodlands: (281) 367-3685!

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