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Little Smiles Day at Happy Sapiens Dental

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During a toddler/child visit at Happy Sapiens Dental, we will show and allow your child to become acquainted with the dental equipment, go for a ride in the dental chair, have their teeth counted, and cleaned. We will work with each child as an individual if they are nervous or frightened we go slowly and do not push. It is imperative that a child learns at his/her own pace and thus we tailor the appointment to the child.

We are inviting you to bring your toddler or young child out to give them a fun and positive first experience at the dentist! This is open to all children, we only ask that you call to make an appointment. Visit is complimentary.

Our themed Little Smiles Days are every month on a Saturday from 9am-1pm, but spots don’t last, so reserve your child’s visit!

Call Us at Pinehurst (281) 356-3351 or The Woodlands [phone=2] To Register Your Child
For more oral health tips for children visit Happy Sapiens Dental’s, Prevention Tips for Children page.

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Teeth that are not straight can affect more than just how you look. Teeth that don’t fit together correctly can affect your bite, cause early wear of your teeth and be more difficult to keep clean resulting in gum disease. Orthodontic treatment can help.

This guide walks you through the 4 different types of orthodontics available and how they work.

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