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Implant Retained Dentures

Do Your Dentures Shift, Tilt, or Wander?

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Eliminate denture problems with implant retained dentures!

For years denture wearers have had to put up with dentures that don’t stay in place. With implant-retained dentures, this problem can be a thing of the past. There are 2 main types of implants that can be used to secure dentures, conventional (full) implants, and mini implants.

Conventional Implant retained dentures:

This method of securing your dentures uses the same type of implant that is used to replace individual teeth. You may need as few as 2 full implants to give you dentures that will transform the way you are able to eat and smile.

Once placed a small receptacle is inset into your denture that “snaps” onto the implant holding your dentures in place without slipping. No more messy pastes!

Your dentist will determine if you are a candidate for conventional implants depending upon the structure of the bone in your jaw and other factors. Full implants typically require a longer healing time than mini implants.

Mini Implants:

Mini-Implants are ultra-small diameter titanium alloy implant screws that were developed and have been used very successfully, for over 20 years. Mini-implants are so narrow they are typically inserted directly through the overlying gum tissue and into the bone underneath. Due to the less invasive process of placing mini-implants the healing time is greatly reduced. However, mini implants are not as strong as full implants so you may require 4 or more to secure your denture.

Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures

implant retained dentures
  • Dentures are fastened directly to the jawbone making the denture very solid and function more like real teeth.
  • No more pastes, tapes, or glues.
  • Secured upper dentures mean no need for the plate covering the roof of your mouth. This restores the sensations and taste enjoyed before wearing dentures.
  • Food no longer becomes trapped under dentures that now fit tightly to the gums reducing the bad breath caused by decaying food.
  • Restored ability to smile without the fear of your dentures falling out.
  • The ability to eat your favourite foods again like steak, apples, and corn on the cob!

What are my next steps?

At Happy Sapiens Dental we take every opportunity to help you make an informed decision. There are several options for patients interested in implant-retained dentures. If you need more information or if you feel you are ready to find out if mini-implants will work for you, call our office at Pinehurst: (281) 356-3351 or The Woodlands: (281) 367-3685 to book your no-charge consultation.

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