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Dental Bridges

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A missing tooth can adversely affect the appearance and functionality of your smile. Missing teeth can cause shifting of the teeth, TMJ disorder, speech impediments, a change in the bite, a risk factor for periodontal disease, and an increased chance of tooth decay.

Dental bridges are one option to replace a missing tooth/teeth.

The dentist will examine the health of your gums, teeth and surrounding bone to evaluate if you are a candidate for a dental bridge. Typically we need two dental appointments to both prepare and fit/cement your new bridge.

At your first visit for the preparation of the dental bridge, you will be numbed so the dentist can prepare the teeth required to support the bridge. If the support teeth are decayed or badly broken down, your dentist may have to build them back up before they can be used as support teeth for a bridge.

illustration of teeth conditions

Next, we will take digital images with our iTERO 3D imaging system so we can send them to the lab to fabricate the dental bridge by a skilled lab technician so that it precisely fits the prepared teeth. While your bridge is being fabricated, the dentist will fit you with a temporary bridge so the teeth and gums can be protected from damage until your permanent bridge is ready.

At your second visit, the dental bridge will be fitted on the teeth that were prepared and will be cemented permanently. The dentist will ensure that it fits well and feels comfortable prior to you leaving the office. After this, you may function on your new bridge just like your natural teeth.

If you have questions about dental bridges please call our Pinehurst or Woodlands dentist office to book an appointment for a complimentary consultation Pinehurst: (281) 356-3351 or The Woodlands: (281) 367-3685 where we can show you all our dental crowns, dental bridges, dental veneers, and cosmetic dentistry smiles today!

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